a Quaker family journey

by Marian Gold

Enjoy this panoramic tale of adventure and discovery! In a saga that closely follows the historical record, we step into a little known moment in American history, when everything seemed possible and ordinary people did extraordinary things in pursuit of a brave new world.
Gravesend - New York City
Finding Lady Moody in Gravesend

In 1643 Lady Deborah Moody bought 7,000 acres in Gravesend, New York, as a haven for religious dissenters. It was the only town in New Netherlands that was owned and governed by a woman.

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How Pierre Lorillard brought the Gilded Age to Jobstown

In the 1870s the Rancocas Stock Farm was renowned throughout the horse racing world for its prize-winning thoroughbreds and luxurious, state-of-the-art facilities.

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